Each greeting card is signed by the artist, being a real work of art, a mini painting offered with a paper frame. Whoever receives it will keep it on the desk or put it on the wall. Offering such a greeting card (mini picture) every year, they will become collectibles that are highly anticipated and desired by all the partners of your company, so you will launch a memorable tradition, much appreciated and expected by everyone. On order, you can choose the theme of greeting card from a selection of over 80 paintings by Vasile Burghina, a painter with over 25 years of experience. Artist: Vasile Burghina

20+ Felicitări Abstracte Fractali (Picturi Unicat)

Cod SKU: BGN091
  • Painting: Acrylic on Paper.

    Painting Size: 13 W x 18 H x 0.1 cm

    Frameable: Yes (Frame is not included)

    Packaging: Envelope

  • The minimum order quantities (MOQ) for this product is: 10 units.

    We will confirm your order within 24 hours.